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Bike Buddy App

Bike Buddy

Instructors: Paul Sheriff, Scott Laserow 

Bike Buddy is an application for bike lovers who enjoy traveling but might not have the time or ability to do so. It allows users to travel virtually to hundreds of different locations around the world. Bring a friend or ride solo and begin your next adventure from home!

Beginning Process

When creating this project we only had two restrictions, we had to use the name bike buddy and create an application of some sort. I do love to bike but I wanted to think of an interesting concept that would work in an app format and like most people I also like to travel. So after some brainstorming, I decided to go with the concept of a virtual reality biking app where the user can choose a traveling destination to bike through. You can customize everything from where you ride, the friends who join you via video call, the level of intensity, and the duration of your ride. Instead of buying the competitor's overpriced smart stationary bike, you can either use your own bike propped on a bike stand, an at-home exercise bike or take your phone to the gym and use it on the bike machine of your choice.


Once I had my concept finalized I started to consolidate my branding. I wanted to incorporate travel with the colors and imagery and then exercise and the technology aspect into the logo by making it modern and simplistic. With this in mind, I came up with the logo seen below.

The App

Once I established my branding created a wireframe and started to sketch out my screens. I wanted to make sure the app had an intuitive user flow while still having all of the necessary functions plus some additions like tracking your process or seeing what your friends are up to. 

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