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Sky View

Instructor: Mathew McGlynn

Sky View is a website created for users to be able to see what's visible in the sky on any given day or time as well as learn information about different constellations, planets, and moon phases.

Beginning Process:

First, I created user personas and a journey map so that I could fully understand my target audience. I chose to make three user personas. (explain)


Then I had to think about how I wanted my site to look. I wanted the site to be generally pretty minimalistic and create the feeling that my objects and copy were floating in space. 

UI Kit I

Once I had an idea of what the style of my site would be, I knew I needed to create a wireframe that felt intuitive and had multiple different routes to get to a specific page. I wanted the planets, moons, and constellations to be buttons themselves. 

Sky View Wireframe
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