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Süss Chocolate

Instructors: Scott Laserow, Jenny Kowalski

Süss Chocolate is a monthly subscription service for designers and creatives that allows them to discover new typefaces by receiving artisan chocolate wrapped in packaging that showcases each font. Each month a new font would be chosen and turned into packaging. It would then be sent out with a QR code to download the font for a discounted price. This not only gains more traction for these typefaces but also allows designers to be inspired by packaging utilizing these fonts. For this project, I decided to choose three typefaces, Utopian, Eckmannpsych, and Jeanne Moderno, to show what the product might look like.

font 1 L2.jpg
Utopian All Packaging.jpg

Utopian is a font designed by Alejandro Paul and Alex Trochut. For the packaging, I took inspiration from the Memphis movement, the Bauhaus movement, and the renowned artist Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan.

"UTOPIAN is a color font family based on primary colors and pure geometric shapes, influenced by Bauhaus, DeStijl, and Art Deco. Its pure shapes and basic colors are inspired by the beauty of simplicity of modular order and grid, creating a perfect environment where all these elements live in a perfect color harmony. On the other hand, DYSTOPIAN, the black and white family, represents a close sibling in appearance and structure, that carries an opposite meaning, with a darker look and feel. Both typefaces are, somehow, a reflection of the divided views and possible outcomes that the future times ahead yield before us." - Adobe Fonts

Font 2.jpg
Choc All Packaging.jpg

Eckmannpsych is designed by James Edmondson. For the packaging, I was inspired by the aesthetic of the early seventies so I kept to mostly warm tones, fun patterns and added a little bit of the psychedelic energy of the late sixties as well.

"Simply put, it’s a psychedelic version of Eckmannschrift by Otto Eckmann. Although it seems to be heavily rooted in late sixties and early seventies aesthetics, the roots are significantly earlier. This exploration was originally drawn for a single poster, then the family matured slowly on Future Fonts for several months. Finally, it’s ready for primetime, and all the cannabis packaging one could possible use it on. Eckmannpsych comes in three optical sizes so you can use it at many different scales." - Adobe Fonts

Jeanne Moderno Mockup I
Jeanne Moderno All Packaging.jpg
Jeanne Moderno

Eckmannpsych is designed by Steve Mehallo. For the packaging, I was inspired by the art deco movement and design from the twenties in general.


With the Süss Chocolate app, customers can explore the font of the month, view past fonts and articles, and pause or customize their subscription frequency. 

Süss Chocolate App Mockup
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