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The Alien's Pocket Guidebook for All Things Human

For this project, I was tasked with making an augmented reality book on a topic of my choice. When brainstorming ideas I wanted to come up with something unique and unexpected. After some back and forth I ended up deciding to go with the concept of a guidebook for Aliens if they ever found themselves visiting Earth or living amongst humans. When starting this project I had to consider multiple aspects of how an alien guidebook would be set up. This led to me contemplate whether I should create a fake alien language or whether aliens would even understand the concept of a book.

Beginning Process

Instructor: Scott Laserow

Eventually, I decided to take some artistic liberties and go with the traditional layout of a book and write it from the point of view of an alien. This ended up being both an intriguing and fun process putting myself in a different species' shoes and looking at the human race from an outside perspective. When it came to choosing a design style I went with a slight retro fifties space feel using a deep muted color pallet and incorporating a texture that emulates T.V. static. 

Table of Contents

Once I figured out my topic and design style I knew I had to figure out the contents of the book. I thought of everything that an alien might need to know about the human race and broke it up into twelve categories: An introduction, the Earth and its inner workings, the body and human anatomy, work habits, language and communication, emotions and facial expressions, love and mating habits, clothing, food and eating habits, pets and domestication, the technology craze, and finally us to them (us being aliens).  


This is an augmented reality book so if you download the Artivive application and hold your smartphone over any spread with the Artivive logo (shown & explained on the second spread) the page will come to life. I chose to animate the seven spreads shown below.